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User Guide
Getting Started

New to UTGL portal? Start experiencing 'Living Without Banking' now!

Trust Handbook

What is trust? How can it help to manage and secure your assets?

Account & Security

Information you need to know to configure the settings and enhance the security of your account.

Digital Custody

Utilizing and manage digital assets on the UTGL platform is fast, simple, and convenient. Check out how you can conduct digital asset related activities on UTGL platform.


See how you can grow your assets by opening a third party securities account.

Bill Payment

Pay for any local and overseas monthly electrical bills, rent, tuitions and more!


FAQs on exchanging different assets on UTGL platform


FAQs on exchange related activities on UTGL platform


Subscribe to offers instantly to earn interest on your assets while you're asleep.


Withdraw cash, commodities and digital assets.


Inject cash, commodities and digital assets.